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Rescue at Cardwell Ranch & Wanted Woman (Cardwell Cousins) By B.J. Daniels PDF, Epub, Mobi Download

January 13, 2018 | Author: timarmoon | Category: Dialectic
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Download Rescue at Cardwell Ranch & Wanted Woman (Cardwell Cousins) By B.J. Daniels PDF, Epub, Mobi Download...


Review 1:
Originally posted on Tales to Tide You Over

This is a duology, so what follows are two separate reviews.

I don?t read thriller romances much anymore because so few offer the emotional depth I look for beyond the tension from terror and a physical release. Daniels is one author I keep picking up because she can lace the real people stuff in with the murderer out to get them so that it feels like the developing relationship has a chance once the crisis is over.

Rescue at Cardwell Ranch is no different.

Would they have broken their routines long enough to recognize their attraction without her becoming a serial killer?s target right in front of his eyes? Unlikely. But once McKenzie crosses paths with Hayes, everything changed.

Sure, it might still have pulled them together when they met the next day as part of a pre-arranged business deal, but the difficulty of her recognizing him without knowing him adds an edge of complexity that wouldn?t be possible without his initial rescue. And this is what I mean about her characters. They feel full and complete with more going on than just survival. Yes, they were already destined to meet, though neither of them was aware of that fact. However, the people that they are in the beginning, him with strong ties to Texas that make him suspicious of his brother?s sudden decision to move to Montana and her as a single-minded businesswoman, could have been too wrapped up in their own lives to recognize just what was happening between them without the push. And those lives serve to complicate by offering viable red herrings to finding her attacker as well so it doesn?t feel like a simple, straightforward plot.

One warning though: we spend some time in the killer?s head. It?s well written, uncomfortably so, as we learn about his history and why he can?t just walk away. Beautifully done, which might make it hard to read for some.

Ultimately, Daniels offered characters that felt real, a tense situation with enough detail to be plausible, and a resolution to both the serial killer and the romance that didn?t feel too easy. I enjoyed it.

Wanted Woman was the second book in the B.J. Daniels duology, and in my opinion, the stronger of the two. The story begins with a simple mystery, that of Maggie?s natural parents when she has always known she?s adopted. It quickly turns sinister, though, as it appears her father (her last living parent) was murdered rather than dying in an accident, then the attorney responsible for the adoption is also killed.

Maggie?s not the sort to sit back and wait for things to happen, but she?s not doing herself any favors either. A bit of a wild child, she?s been raised to wealth but has a street streak that serves her well as she goes from innocence to being wanted as a witness for the crime while someone (not going to reveal because it?s a spoiler) is trying to kill her.

I had a hard time stepping away from this book to get things done, and not just because there are a lot of tense moments when lives are on the line. The characters are full fleshed and interesting from the two mains to the many others who all seem involved in what happened so many years before in a small, Oregon town.

Maggie is strong, determined, and smart, but she?s in over her head and can?t do everything on her own. Jesse has history and knows too much about what is going on in this town for comfort, his or hers. He can connect the events and what he knows comes closer than he?d prefer. Even worse, he?s the temporary deputy sheriff for his brother, who is injured, while she has city cops looking for her.

We?re given a villain, but a complicated one who isn?t all he appears to be while the mystery of how things got to this point has all too many possible solutions.

I figured the mystery out before the big reveal, but that?s a talent of mine so proves only that the answer is well seeded, with the pieces there to make it plausible and solid, not that it?s obvious. I certainly didn?t want to put the book down even after I?d figured it out. The characters are wonderful, pretty much all of them. I enjoyed the back and forth with the nosey reporter who happens to be marrying Jesse?s brother, the out-of-control rich girl Jesse feels ties to because of his own past, and so many others who helped to make the town of Timber Falls, Oregon, feel well-rounded and solid.

Plus there?s a pretty twisted twist that messes with the romance between the two in a way that only increases the tension between them.

P.S. I received these books from the publisher as a duology through NetGalley in return for an honest review.

Review 2:
I totally LOVED these two stories, which were page turners. Both of these stories kept me up late at night just to finish them. This is one author who knows how to write a story and get you hooked. You find you cannot wait until you have finished it to find out who done it, but you hate the story is over. The author has many twist and turns that will keep you guessing until the end, she is full of many surprises. Just when you think you have it worked out you find you do not. You cannot go wrong with any of this authors work. I have read a few of her books and she has never let me know.

Rescue at Cardwell Ranch I wish a little more was know about the women who know, did she go away or did she try to do get even? I never saw who the killer was, was really surprised to find out who it truly was. I don?t think anyone who lived there would have guessed it either.
Wanted Woman has me on the edge of my seat the whole way through it. I was really surprised to find out who it was. I did feel so sorry for the two women who had to deal with the issues of who their parents were.

Review 3:
What not to like when written by B.J. Daniels.

Review 4:
Daniels is a master at balancing suspense with romance to create an unforgettable tale. Both of the novels included in this set had me on the edge of my seat. Daniel?s mastery of the English language along with her phenomenal storytelling will keep you riveted throughout. She draws you in right from the very beginning, painting a picture for you. The beauty of Montana shines through in Rescue at Cardwell Ranch. In Wanted Woman the subject matter really packs a punch.

The characters in Rescue at Cardwell Ranch draw you right into the thick of things. They easily carry the story forward on their own. They are intricately developed individuals that you really get to know. The supporting cast is also brilliantly backs them up, lending credence to both their plight & the story as a whole. The cast of Wanted Woman is similarly well developed. It was a shocking contrast switching over to them, but Daniels presents them in a manner that has you falling in love with them as well. There was also quite the contrast between the characters themselves. Watching them come together was priceless.

Not only are these two phenomenal novels separately, but they are also one heck of a team together. Rarely have I seen such well-matched yet quite different novels paired together in a single publication. I wouldn?t hesitate to recommend this to anyone.

Please note that I received a complimentary copy of this work in exchange for an honest review.

Review 5:
Wow I just finish reading this books and I have to say that I love it, at first I was not aware that it was two book in one, and both books had me seating at the edge of my bed, I love the characters, and love how the book turn out to be, I am gone tried to keep this short since I dont want to give anything away.


The story begging with McKenzie, she is a real state and own her own company, one night after she got of from work, she decided to go to the grocery store, when she was walking to her car she was not paying attention about her surrounding, when she got closed to her car that's when she felt someone grab her, and she couldn't get herself free, she faugh trying to get away, that's when Hayes came out of the store, Hayes is a PI and own his own company, he just arrive to Big Sky Montana, and decided to make stop at the store, when he came out of the store he saw what was going on, that's when he ran after the man who tried to abduct McKenzie, that was the night that their live change.

I love the way how McKenzie and Hayes are with each other, love McKenzie attitude and how she tried to at strong, how she is not gone give up cause of the events that she when throw, I love how Hayes is with her how protective he becomes of her, and how he always their to save her.

Second book WANTED WOMAN

The story begging with Maggie, after her father got killed, she met up with someone her father work with, he told her the truth of hat happened, once she told him that she call the detective he told her she made a mistake, what Maggie was not expecting was for him to get kill in front of her, with his last breath he told her where to go, that's when she end up in a small town where it rain every day, after being on the run and on the road for the last few hours, she end up getting hit by a car, that's when Jesse show up, and help her out he gave her a place to stay, when Maggie saw the sheriff uniform she end up leaving, that's when she start to uncover the truth about her past, at the same time she was doing this, Jesse was putting the pieces together, once he finally caught up to her he told her to let him help her, that's when their life turn up side down.

I love how Maggie and Jesse are with each other, I love Maggie attitude, and love how she stand up to anyone specially Jesse.

I love and enjoy reading this books, Authors thank you for introducing me to this awesome books love them.

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