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January 13, 2018 | Author: timarmoon | Category: Dialectic
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Review 1:
4.5-5 stars

This was a great story. I loved both Cal and Jim and really got into their story. This took place during WW2 and a few years right after it so a lot of the issues in this story have to do with the views towards homosexuality (and it's lack of acceptance) at the time.

Cal was born into wealth but never liked his life. His family expect him to toe the line and do what's expected but Cal has a problem with that. Cal has known since he was very young that he liked men and had no interest in women so getting married and having a son to carry on the line just isn't happening. Unfortunately, homosexuality isn't accepted in that time and Cal had to hide his sexual preferences. Cal joining the Marines during WW2 to piss off his father and ended up being one of the lucky ones that came home.

Jim owns an apple orchard that he inherited from his father after he died. Jim had married a woman, Ann, when he was 20 and they had a daughter. Jim ended up joining the Marines during WW2 and also was lucky enough to come home alive. After he got home, Jim and Ann had a son, Adam. Around six months before the story begins, Ann died in a car accident, leaving Jim with 2 kids and an orchard to look after on his own.

Cal and Jim met on the train to basic training and became fast friends. Cal noticed an attraction to Jim but figured that Jim was straight and had no interest in guys (especially since he's obviously married). They stay buddies through a grueling basic training and thankfully, get transferred to the same company when they're shipped out. They become mortar partners and end up together throughout the war. When the war ends, Jim goes back to his orchard and Cal (unhappily) goes to work for his father. Cal stays away from Jim, hoping that time and distance will dim his feelings for Jim, but when he finds out that Jim needs help in the orchard, he sheds his obligations to go help him.

Cal and Jim are happy to see each other again but Jim's daughter, Sophie, isn't happy about people being gone and Cal coming in to take their place (both her mother and a hired hand that was much beloved and left for unknown reasons) so she tries to cause some problems. That doesn't last very long but as Jim starts to realize his attraction for Cal, he's not comfortable with it and his resistance causes some issues. Not that I can blame him much...that was a different time and if people had found out, Jim could have lost his kids. These issues cause some definite drama and pain but thankfully Jim and Cal are able to work out a way to be together (if secretly) and end the story cementing a HEA together.

I greatly enjoyed this story. One of the things I love about Andrew's writing is how well she writes her characters. I could totally get into both of the MCs, understand where they're coming from and feel for them without annoyance. My only real complaint about this book is that the HEA had to be a secret one and considering the time-frame, that couldn't really be helped. Overall, I thought the story was great and I love the MCs so I'd recommend it. :D

Review 2:
A well written and crafted story line. I don't give many reviews, all to say this was a great read for me.

Review 3:
I really loved this, but I had to take a few breaks while reading it which is rare for me in a book of this length. It's not a comfortable read because it's so real. Both because of some of the subject matter and the time period. As horrible as some of the brief battle moments were, you know it's a very small glimpse of the actual experience. Also, the love between the two main characters is bittersweet because of how secretive it has to be. While I am younger than these characters, I'm only a generation removed so, I do remember times when one didn't dare be open about being gay. I also can remember first-hand stories about WW2. Keira Andrews never disappoints.

Review 4:
Very deep, very somber. This is a strong emotional story of friendship, loyalty, survival, then love between two marines. The main story takes place 1948, a few years after the war, with flash back chapters covering the war in the South Pacific. The war chapters were gut wrenching, but made you understand the strong bond of loyalty and friendship between the two. Now the war is over and Jim is trying to rebuild his life on the family apple orchard with his two kids after his wife's death. Knowing nothing of farming, Cal comes to help his war buddy. Even though Jim is straight, Cal will do anything for the man he's harbored a hidden love for.

At times the story brought back strong emotions like those of Broke Back Mountain. I kept fearing the worst around every corner. Thank goodness there was a happy ending.

Review 5:
I don?t know how to tell you in words, just how good this amazing book was, I don?t believe I can give it the justice it deserves. Being an Italian myself, I would want to read it again, firstly in English and then in my native Italian, just in case I missed something with the first read.

I?m not usually a great fan of historical?s, even fairly modern ones, but this one? this one, took my breath away, I couldn?t put it down.

The author took us on a journey of past and present, we saw how the friendship was born between Cal and Jim ? a friendship that was always going to be so much more, neither really knowing it at the time, especially Jim.

I loved how the author managed to describe the war and bring it to life. Being Marines, there was always a bond, especially between Cal and Jim. The emotions were so real, I felt I was there with them ? fear, sorrow and desperation were all relevant and felt so realistic as I was reading.

After the war ends, they both returned to their civilian life, a different life, away from each other.

Jim goes back home to his apple orchard but when he needs help, Cal is there for him, willing to help. Tragically, Jim?s wife has died, leaving him with his two children to raise and of course, the orchard.

At the beginning, the relationship between Cal and Jim?s daughter Sophie was not easy, but they slowly bonded and become a family. It was then that Jim realised that it was not just brotherhood love between him and Cal, but true love. This was terribly dangerous and certainly forbidden, a love that he tried to deny for the safety and respectability of his family. Jim could lose his family if anyone found out.

This was just so heartbreaking to read. They had a short separation and I totally understand why that decision was made, but it got me so mad! It?s a terrible thing that when two people are in love, they can?t live as they want to because of the incomprehensible thoughts of homophobia people and the law. Unfortunately, this is still true in certain parts of the world and it makes me so sad.

But don?t worry about Jim and Cal, they have their wonderful happy ending ? I would never suggest a book to readers without one! and with everything that these two men went through, it made the ending so much sweeter.

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