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*Audio* Chasing Seth By J. R. Loveless Free Download

January 13, 2018 | Author: timarmoon | Category: Dialectic
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Review 1:
3.75 out of 5 Stars
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Chasing Seth has a lot of elements that are common to PNR stories in the genre but don?t let that deter you.

Seth Davies is finally getting his life back, it?s taken him almost two years to feel comfortable living in the human world again, after being kidnapped and severely abused by a group of rogue wolves. He has invested his life savings, well his whole life really, in a Veterinarian Practice in Senaka, Wyoming and he is looking forward to some peace and quiet. Maybe for the first time ever he can put some roots down in life and have a bit of ?normal?. Normal is a relative term though as Seth is a werewolf and has healing powers with pretty awful side effects.

Kasey Whitedove is the alpha in waiting of a Cheyenne wolf pack and is incensed when he discovers a white man is the new vet in town. He?s not racist per se but he has been brought up thinking that white men cause more damage than good to animals. He?s also been brought up to believe that only the Cheyenne can call upon their wolf spirits and that anyone else with the ability is what they refer to as a created. The created are bad, rogue wolves who need to be killed as they have no control over themselves. You can see where this is going right?

Kasey and Seth are mates and neither one of them is happy about it. For Seth it is terrifying as the last person to claim he was his mate was the man who tortured and abused him. An accident throws them together and there is more than one shock in store for Kasey when he finally sees his mate in human form.

There is insta- lust here but certainly not insta- love. For all that Seth tries to run Kasey keeps chasing him. This is a story of healing, of having your eyes opened to the larger world and of learning to trust. Not all of Seth?s problems have disappeared and Kasey almost loses him before he fully gets him, they will have to fight against the past before they can have their future.

The story also gives us a brief glimpse at Nick and Thayne who are the stars of book 2 in the series. Their mating is also one that is not going to be easy and they get off to the worst start ever with Thayne trying to kill Nick.

Narration Review:

Jeff Gelder gave a solid performance in this one. He was easy to listen to and clear in his narration and I thought his voice for Seth was particularly good.

Review 2:
Seth Davies moves to a small town where he meets Sheriff Kasey Whitedove. He buys a veterinarian practice since he cares deeply for animals and living things. No one knows that he can actually heal. There is a price for when he does, though. A secret he must keep to himself.

Kasey is leery of Seth from the beginning. He has not been impressed by the white man. He has only been told true shapeshifters were Cheyenne, like himself. He is angered by his attraction to Seth also.

Seth is confused by how he feels for Kasey. He knows he cannot start anything with a man who seems to hate him. He has a practice to build up, and he needs to somehow fit in. Following the Sheriff around when it is not wanted would not go over well.

Kasey helps Seth following an accident. They become grudging friends. Then the truth comes out. Can trust be born of deceit? What if they truly are mates?

This is an inspiring story of love and not giving up. I was really touched by the fact that the whole pack was very loyal. This story makes you get the feels. You have been warned!

Review 3:
3.5 stars - nice heat, interesting paranormal wold, adequate characters and plot

A nicely heated story of werewolf mating across cultures, with plenty of prejudice and wariness of "other" intertwined with typical themes of "true mates" learning to accept, protect, and, of course love each other. The author introduces some interesting paranormal/were-related elements, including a unique weaker/smaller/less dominant but powerful-in-their-own-way type of werewolf. For my own tastes, I would have enjoyed a bit more nuanced exploration of the cultural and personal barriers between the main couple, but this story should really appeal to those who enjoy a nicely heated book with just enough character, plot and setting to make the physical encounters a bit more interesting and meaningful.

I found the author's paranormal setting and the inclusion of a Rho (similar to omegas in some other settings, a favorite theme for me) to be more than enough to want to read the second book in the series.

As is common in paranormal erotic/romantic writing, the author relies on some tropes (true/instant mates, pack politics, abused character not trusting but won over fairly quickly by a powerful wolf's proclamations of protection, love, and hot sex). I almost put the book down when the seasoned alpha-to-be couldn't even recognize the most basic biology of a wounded wolf he carried in his arms. This first book clearly establishes the conflict between the "true mates" who are the focus of the second book, and I'm interested enough to continue on to the next installment.

Review 4:
Just found out there was a book 2 and brought it. Great book. I never quite knew what to expect which just made me keep turning the page. This story is not like one I've read before, and I mean that in a really good way.

Review 5:
Chasing Seth had so many aspects I love in a m/m shifter romance. Great background on both main characters, believable situations, talented professional men that are also shifters.

Kasey is the local sheriff, a Cheyenne and son of the alpha. He is proud of his heritage and has no love for the white man. He has even more hatred for the Created Ones -- Those that are made wolves instead of born. Because created wolves are dangerous. Over time their humanity disappears and only a mad wolf remains.

Seth, the new vet. sets up business and he's everything Kasey hates. Kasey doesn't understand why a white man is in HIS town and this prejudice is so hateful along with how the town people act that Seth wonders if he made a mistake in moving to Senaka, Wyoming. He thought this little town would be safe. This is an antagonistic beginning and once Kasey realizes Seth is his mate, he has to change is deep set beliefs. This was a long hard found for mating with an eventual HEA.

A nit pick that bothered me -- When Seth and Kasey were together. . . Kasey thought of Seth as 'Dark haired vet' 'My vet' or 'Vet something'. . . And Seth was just as bad calling Kasey 'My sheriff' 'Sheriff' 'Dark haired sheriff'. It wasn't just the repetition of each thinking the same phrases, it's that they think of each other's profession in the first place. Even during smex. Thankfully all that terminology stopped when their relationship took off.

Overall a great read and I enjoyed it enough to get the concluding story of Nick and Thayne. - Dan's Wife

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Chasing Seth by Loveless - free ebooks download
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Chasing Seth by J. R. Loveless - free ebooks download
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