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Download X-Files Season 10 Volume 1 (The X-Files) pdf (ebook Free)

January 13, 2018 | Author: timarmoon | Category: Dialectic
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Download Download X-Files Season 10 Volume 1 (The X-Files) pdf (ebook Free)...


Review 1:
I liked the art but the story wasn't that good, I felt like it was told in such a hurry, even though it unravels throughout the 5 chapters that comprise this Volume 1

Review 2:
Must Read for all fans of the X-Files. The script and art captures the old magic of the characters and spools a plausible and interesting series of events that instigates Mulder and Scully to return to the FBI and resume investigating the X-Files The returning TV series will be hard pressed to top this.

Review 3:
I saw that this comic was $1.99 and thought I would give it a try as a fan who has watched all 202 episodes of the X Files I was interested to see where the story went. Now it seems with the new series coming in a few days things will change but the story in this volume spoke to me looking forward to reading volume 2 in the series.

Review 4:
Comic-book publisher IDW brings back the much beloved X-Files franchise for a tenth season of stories that pick-up right where the original, fan-favorite, television series ended. Proving that it is possible to occasionally recapture lightning in a bottle, author Joe Harris recalls the unique tone of the original X-Files series perfectly, organizing each chapter in this volume ?from opening scene, to credit panel, to final fade to black ? like an episode of the old television series.

Perhaps more critically, Harris is also able to nail the voices of the series? main characters, reintroducing agents Mulder and Scully ? along with key supporting cast such as Deputy Director Skinner, John Doggett, and Monica Reyes ? before proceeding to also resurrect the rather unceremoniously dispatched (in the original series anyway) Lone Gunmen and Smoking Man to boot. (This is a wise choice; after all, if you are going to do an X-Files series ? why not play with all the best pieces?)

The X-Files: Season Ten, Volume 1 is very much a ?bringing the old band back together? story with Harris playing the role of interior decorator, procuring and rearranging all our favorite furnishings, until long-time X-Files fans feel right at home. And, while the nostalgia makes this a must-read for all die hard X-Files fans, the rest of the book ? centering on a group of alien cultists ? is a bit weak and keeps things from a full 5-star rating.

As if channeling some of the more frustrating elements of the original series, the aliens? motivations are a bit opaque, and the ending of the arc doesn?t offer much in the way of answers. This may be by design and is -- in and of itself -- a bellwether of the original X-Files series, but it can also be an Achilles heel where the mystery ultimately becomes more of an unresolved morass ? less likely linked to a well thought-out conspiracy and more suspiciously, a result of sloppy, undirected writing. Here?s hoping Harris can avoid that trap and offer answers -- in addition to more questions -- as this series progresses.

Still, despite the weak ending, The X-Files: Season Ten, Volume 1 certainly captures the spirit of the original show. It?s probably as close an approximation of an on-air episode as it is possible to get on a printed page ? and that?s a pretty amazing feat.

Review 5:
I can't read the text since the application won't let me zoom in.

X-Files Season 10 Volume 1 (The X-Files): Joe Harris, Chris Carter ...
The X-Files: Season 10 Vol. 1 (The X-Files Season 10) and over one million other books are available for Amazon Kindle. ... X-Files Season 10 Volume 1 (The X-Files) Hardcover – December 31, 2013. Joe Harris (Author),‎ Chris Carter (Creator),‎ Michael Walsh (Artist) & 1 more.

The X-Files: Season 10 Vol. 1 (The X-Files Season 10) -
The X-Files: Season 10 Vol. 1 (The X-Files Season 10) - Kindle edition by Joe Harris, Michael Walsh, Carlos Valenzuela. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading The X-Files: Season 10 Vol. 1 (The X-Files Season ...

X-Files Season 10, No. 1: Chris Carter, Joe Harris, Michael Walsh ...
X-Files Season 10, No. 1 [Chris Carter, Joe Harris, Michael Walsh] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The action continues for Mulder and Scully after the TV season 9 ended, in the form of a full color comic book.

The X-Files: Complete Season 10, Vol. 1 – IDW Publishing
For years, FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully toiled in the X-Files unit, a one -office division of the Bureau dealing with cases deemed unsolvable and related to unexplained phenomena. During their investigations, Mulder, the “believer,” and Scully, the “skeptic,” delved into the occult, religion, urban legends, ...

X-Files Season 10, Vol. 1 HC – IDW Publishing
For years they investigated the paranormal, pursued the “monsters of the week,” and sought the truth behind extraterrestrial activity, along with the grand conspiracy surrounding it rooted deep within their own government. But when AGENTS MULDER and SCULLY reunite for a new, ongoing series that ushers THE X-FILES ...

The X-Files: Season 10, Volume 1 by Joe Harris - Goodreads
The X-Files has 621 ratings and 93 reviews. Stephen said: This premiere volume, collecting the first five issues of The X-Files: Season 10, is set

The X-Files: Season 10 (Volume) - Comic Vine
21 Sep 2016 ... This IDW series picks up the adventures of Scully and Mulder where the TV series and films left off. The two left the FBI behind and moved to suburban anonymity, but the paranormal finds them anyway. Collected Editions. X-Files: Season 10 vol. 1 (#1-5); The X-Files: Complete Season 10 vol. 1 (#1-15) ...

The X-Files Season 10 (comics) - Wikipedia
The X-Files Season 10 is a 25-issue comic book series published by IDW Publishing. The title serves as a continuation of the television series The X-Files. Chris Carter, who created the television series, is the Executive Producer of the comic book series and also contributed to several elements to the comics' stories.

The X-Files Season 10 - Wikipedia
The X-Files Season 10 may refer to: The X-Files Season 10 (comics), published by IDW Publishing in 2013; The X-Files (season 10), broadcast by Fox Broadcasting Company in 2016. Disambiguation icon, This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title The X-Files Season 10. If an internal link led you here, ...

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