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Flight of Vandoran By Christine Bartels Free Download

January 13, 2018 | Author: timarmoon | Category: Dialectic
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Review 1:
I read this book in two days, not because it was short, but because it kept my interest. I simply could not put it down. That is a definite sign of a good book. I've read many fiction books, and always hate it when I grab a sleeper; Vandoran was definitely not a sleeper. It kept my interest peeked, wondering what I would find with each page I turned.
The author seems really geared to giving the reader a good description of the surroundings. As with this being a sci-fi, the descriptions were very imaginative, giving me an excellent feel of the new world I was reading about.
The author also does not let you go to sleep, throwing in plenty of action, such as fights with other species.
I definitely recommend to anyone who enjoys a good sci-fi.

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