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Not Another Blind Date...: Skin Deep\\\\Hold On\\\\Ex Marks the Spot By Leslie Kelly Free Download

January 14, 2018 | Author: timarmoon | Category: Dialectic
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Download Not Another Blind Date...: Skin Deep\\Hold On\\Ex Marks the Spot By Leslie Kelly Free Download...


Review 1:
This is from a series I enjoy, I know when I have time for nothing more then a short quick romance fix Harlequin Blaze can usually help. This series is light and fun, each story gets you exactly where you want to go.

Review 2:
All three stories are pretty good; based on blind dates and Valentine's Day. 4 stars for each.

Janelle Denison,Skin Deep
Brian and Jayne. They meet at a Halloween party, they spend hours together and there's strong attraction. He leads her into the stairwell and they have great sex against the wall--the fear of discovery making it more exciting. But she bolts after the encounter, realizing what she just did and she's pretty conservative. Three months later she still thinks about him. They get set up on a blind date by a mutual friend and are surprised when they know each other. She looks like she's ready to bolt again and he is patient and sweet. They're very attracted to each other still but she's having a hard time accepting it. HEA.

Leslie Kelly, Hold On
Steve and Sarah. She and her friend Mindy started an answering service, they do a lot of work for doctors. A woman, Bambi, calls in for Dr. Steve Wilshire to say she won't be showing up for their blind date that night. Sarah ends up taking Bambi's place because she's dreamed about Steve for months, she wants to have one night of fun. They talk, dance, acknowledge the attraction, then he gets a page for an emergency at the hospital. They agree to meet the next night for dinner, he's really late, she thinks she's been stood up. They resolve that but when he makes a few innocent comments about liars etc. she realizes she's taken advantage of her position and makes an escape early in the morning. HEA.

Jo Leigh, X Marks The Spot
Noah and Paige. She's set up on a blind date by her ex boyfriend. Normally she wouldn't accept such a set up but she's desperate for business for the museum she works for and her ex said this guy Noah was interested in showing some of the pieces in his art collection. She meets him at the exhibit/auction. They are both pleased when they realize their "date" is good looking. They spend several hours looking at art and talking to each other. They ditch the function a little early, go to get a burger (since the nice restaurants are all busy with Valentine's dinners). They have chemistry and he asks her back to his place to see his paintings and maybe more. She seesaws a bit but then decides she wants more. They connect more than physically and in the morning they go to work but share a sweet few moments and it's clear that they will continue to see each other. Leigh has a beautiful writing style, very descriptive and fresh. She captures moments and reveals depth in the characters by their comments, and introspective sharing. Art plays a big part in the theme as well as her descriptive style. It was lovely, but not terribly exciting. It felt more like a few chapters from a good book. Her style reminds me a bit of Elisa Lorello.

Review 3:
The first two of these stories (Skin Deep & Hold On) are both interesting & of good quality, but the final title (Ex Marks the Spot) by Jo Leigh is a true revelation. Both the characters & the overall rhythm & tone of this last piece have such a wonderful balance between the mundane & the transcendent, that they are able to reach readers on many resonant levels --- a trait common to most of our greatest literature.

The 2 lead characters were, hands down, my favorites in a very long while: they were both very intelligent, sane, witty, talented, competent, & principled adults who had vulnerabilities that made them very human & believable.

The story was remarkably absent the annoying coyness that so often ruins lengthier romances.

The sparkling dialogue, seasoned with lots of wry humor, fairly leaped off the page while adding layer after layer of depth to the characters.

The storyline & setting offered a breathtaking view into the world of fine art, presented cleverly enough to intrigue even those of us who are art- challenged.

There are two seemingly disparate elements whose juxtaposition mark this story as truly unique, though: an almost ethereal, delicate beauty invoked often throughout the piece, as well as a grindingly realistic depiction of sexuality in its raw form and process. The two elements are woven together nearly seamlessly and beautifully in the telling of this story, providing the thoughtful reader a powerful meditation on how the two are interrelated.

Let me further explain: there is much sensual imagery here, but there is also one of the most honest-to-god, true-to-life, realistic sex scenes I've ever read (okay -- who had the camera??!!)

I mention this not for the titillation factor (although it WILL undoubtedly make some of your naughty parts tingle), but because --- in a non-sniggering, wholly adult way --- the author does a truly remarkable job of capturing the in-the-moment complexities of the sensations, emotional feelings of total surrender / total power, lightning-fast moments of soul-joining, fragmented thought processes, and sheer intensity of focus involved in a rewarding sexual encounter.

On the more aesthetically ethereal side, the story features many achingly beautiful scenes delivered with the powerful, nearly visceral, cinematic impact of a classic "Alfred Hitchcock moment" --- the type of scene or image that can flash-freeze itself into a reader's brain to be recalled long afterward. (A scene that readily comes to mind is one in which the nude heroine stands before the corner juncture of two vast wall-sized sheets of glass in the living room of the hero's mansion, looking out over a spectacular nighttime view of the lights of San Francisco, as she also watches the reflections of herself and of the hero standing 20 feet or so behind her, gazing lovingly at the sight of she watches both him and herself, she begins to see herself through his more loving eyes, and gazes back at the lovely body she has only ever viewed in terms of a collection of its faults, and does an uncritical reassessment of the body she sees reflected back to her in the glass, trusting his opinion enough to merge her view of herself with his; she immediately feels a lightening that expands to include him, herself, and the city itself in a more loving perspective.)

This story practically glows with a finely ordered intelligence & a sensitively attuned spirit.

A feast for the soul!

Review 4:
Three good stories by three different authors. I'm not usually fond of short stories, but these authors worked out the characters and their motivations quickly yet thoroughly and managed believable romance.

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