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Read Banksy: The Autobiography Download PDF EPUB ebook

January 13, 2018 | Author: timarmoon | Category: Dialectic
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Download Read Banksy: The Autobiography Download PDF EPUB ebook...


Review 1:
Absolutely brilliant ! For a footballer he writes so marvelously well ! Really inspirational how a person like this,from a relatively disadvantaged background could rise to become one of the world's great goalkeepers.Comes across as a very matured individual(not all sports stars are !).If you want to know how to conduct yourself on the sports field,then this is a "must read" book

Review 2:
This book was not about the Banksy I thought it was, there was no product review available, and it was surrounded by other items I was purchasing about the proper Banksy. It is not worth sending back to the seller dut to overseas postage. I will simply donate the book.

Review 3:
Still not finished reading but what I have read so far seems to be very interesting. I grew up watching Gordan Banks and players of his era play soccer. Names such as Bobby Moore (now deceased), Pele, Jairzinho, Tostoa, Gerson, Bobby Charlton, George Best,
Jack Charlton, Eusebio etc... 1960's & 1970's stars they set the standard for players we see in action today... so I believe this biography by one of the world's best goalkeepers is sure to be fascinating....

Review 4:
This is how I like an Autobiography, unlike modern players great players do not need swear words even for emphasis.
Gordon Bamks told it like it was nuts and bolts and I could share his frustrations without them.
A great book by a great keeper.

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