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January 14, 2018 | Author: timarmoon | Category: Dialectic
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Review 1:
Brooke Davis brought the characters to life as the grapple with loss,grief, and how to go on living.Sometimes poignant and humorous each person
learns to cope and rely on each other in unusual situations.

Review 2:
If I had to describe this book in one word, I don't think it would be possible. The story of a trio who sets out on a trip that takes them across Western Australia, it's full of surprises. When Karl escapes from his nursing home, he takes Millie and Agatha on a trip to find Millie's mother, and while there are plenty of laughs, the trio also finds that sometimes the harder emotions can be the key to happiness.

I definitely enjoyed this book, and I hope to hear more from this author.

Review 3:
I had originally gotten this on penguin's First to Read program. Except I was having issues with the file, so I wasn't able to read it. When I saw it was available at my library I felt obligated to read it. I listened to the audio version.

There's 3 narrators that read for each of the main characters. I liked each of them, and if it wasn't for them I do not think I would have been able to finish this book.

The story was just a little... too much with a whole lot of craziness all shoved into 7 hours. It's listed as a humorous on Amazon, and there were a few parts that I did find amusing. Mostly though, it was sad.

Karl was the character I found easiest to relate with, and I found myself most looking forward to the chapters in which he was the storyteller.

I do think going between the 3 characters wasn't a good idea. I do believe that it is part of my issue with this book. It just seemed like the author came up with the 3 craziest people she could think about... and threw them together to partake in antics. Like I said earlier, it was just a bit much.

Book: 2 Platypires
Audio: 4 Platypires
Total: 3 Platypires

Review 4:
Lost & Found by Brooke Davis was just not for me. Generally, I love stories where grandfatherly/grandmotherly type characters help young people in crisis. I am a fan of the quirky novel with oddball characters, written from differing perspectives. By all accounts, I should have loved this book too, but Lost & Found has a ridiculous plot, and asks the reader to believe the unbelievable. This quirkiness goes beyond the relatable. It didn't feel authentic.

There were moments that touched me, but there were not enough of them.

Review 5:
Millie is just 7 years-old. After her father?s passing, Millie finds herself fascinated by dead things. One day, Millie?s mother leaves her under a rack of underwear at a department store with instructions to stay put. After a long night in the store and her mother nowhere to be found, Millie ends up at the coffee shop where she meets Karl, ?the touch typist? who types out what he is saying as if he were typing it out on a keyboard.

Millie returns back home briefly, to see if her mother is there but when she returns to an empty house she goes looking for food and runs into Agatha, the cranky widow who lives across the street. Agatha has been closed off to the world ever since her husband died. She screams things at people and seems at odds with everyone she encounters, including Millie who shows up on her doorstep asking for food.

Karl, ?the touch typist? is in his 80s and an odd companion to Millie but the two get to know one another and forge an unlikely friendship when he vows to help Millie find her mother. Having lost his own wife, Karl can relate to Millie?s sense of loss. And then Agatha, forcing herself to be brave, decides to head out into the world to assist Millie as well. Together, all three deal with their losses as they lean on one another for support.

What a wonderful story. I absolutely LOVED it! These three are so different from one another in personality but they all come together so well. I suppose their shared grief has something to do with that even though Millie is really too young to understand what is going on. Her youth and innocence is in stark contrast to what the other two have been through so their interactions although on the surface are humorous, usually hint at something much deeper.

This book is so many things to me! It was funny, and sad and also a little bit of an adventure. The characters are really interesting and I could relate to all of them and that?s such a rarity these days. I could go on and on but instead, I ask that you run out and get a copy right now because it?s just so good.

Lost & Found: A Novel - Kindle edition by Brooke Davis. Literature ...
Lost & Found: A Novel - Kindle edition by Brooke Davis. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks , note taking and highlighting while reading Lost & Found: A Novel.

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Lost & Found by Brooke Davis - Books - Hachette Australia
LOST & FOUND, the bestselling Australian fiction debut of 2014, now an international sensation, will have you laughing, crying and, by the end, feeling just a little wiser . . . ... Brooke Davis grew up in Bellbrae, Victoria, and attempted to write her first novel when she was ten ...

Lost & Found
Lost & Found. An irresistible debut novel about the wisdom of the very young, the mischief of the very old, and the magic that happens when no one else is looking Millie Bird, seven years old and ever… More. Buy Close. Lost & Found. By Brooke Davis. eBook. eBook; Trade Paperback; Unabridged Audiobook Download ...

Lost & Found by Brooke Davis - Goodreads
Lost & Found has 8023 ratings and 1468 reviews. Stephen said: I ... But one day, Millie's mum leaves her alone beneath the Ginormous Women's underwear rack in a department store, and doesn't come back. ..... We knew from Davis's short story that Karl had broken out of a nursing home and now we get to found out why.

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Lost & Found, Book by Brooke Davis (Paperback) |
12 Jan 2016 ... Buy the Paperback Book Lost & Found by Brooke Davis at , Canada's largest bookstore. + Get Free Shipping on ... Available for download. Not available in stores .... Australian Arts Review“This is a novel about the quiet coldness of grief, and the longing to feel what you know has been lost forever.

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